IGN FI's shareholders are made up of:

specialised in the production and analysis of geographical data, decision-making tools and land administration expertise, in order to support decision-makers in their land development projects

specialised in topography, acquiring and processing aerial data, land administration activities, describing technical heritage, real estate and energy networks.

(national institute of geographic and forest information), the State entity dedicated to geographic and forest information management which is responsible for ensuring the production, update and diffusion of geographic reference information in France.

the world leader in the GIS software market, essential tools for the large majority of processes used in companies and organisations.

specialists in raw aerial data acquisition, uses the latest generation photo and LiDAR sensors to obtain geo-referenced data, even from the furthest reaching places on the planet.

experts in engineering for water and drainage, providing advice and technical support for managing public services, studies on urbanism and town planning, solutions for ultrapure water treatment.