Project design and executions

IGN FI covers projects in all their stages, offering a complete range of services including data production and processing, system development, technology and know-how transfers, providing turnkey solutions, ensuring the testing and implementation phases, communication and change management activities…

Skill transfer

IGN FI assits its clients to meet their project requirements integrating a geomatic component, with focus on skills transfer as well as technology transfer of innovative solutions.

IGN quality label

Throughout its projects, IGN FI mobilises its lead experts and relies on the latest IGN technologies, adapting them to the specific needs of the client.

Referent partnerships

IGN FI possesses a network of private or institutional partnerships in order to fulfill to requirements and to provide the most relevant technical solution. A strong strategy of partnership, the support of its proven experts network, the complementary of its other shareholders as well as its numerous trade partners, are necessary components for projects successful.

IGN FI focuses on its projects the implementation of mixed teams combining international expertise and national skills.