IGN France International : geographic information engineering

IGN France International, subsidiary of the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), is recognised worldwide as a key player in geographic information engineering. It is involved in the setting up of projects and offers its expertise to foreign policy makers and French companies that are active in export. 
Its core business - geodesy, metrology, cartography, databases, GIS and web portals - targets the following fields of activity: cadastre - land assessment, environment, agriculture, security, energy...

Implementation of a land information system in Uganda: project presentation at GLP 2014


IGN France International attends the World Bank Conference on land and poverty that takes place in Washington (March 24/ 27, 2014). 

At this occasion, the DeSILISoR project (Design, Supply, Installation, Implementation of the Land Information System and Securing of Land Records) is presented.


BURKINA FASO: Delivery ceremony of the first maps at a scale of 1:200 000

Started in February 2011, the project consists of updating the country’s map coverage at a scale of 1: 200 000 in order to complete a national database and topographic maps covering the entire country. A ceremony of delivery of the first new maps was organized in Ouagadougou on January, 30th.

Infrastructure for geographical data in Serbia: Astrium GEO-Information Services and IGN France International perform the final project review

IGN France International, in partnership with Astrium GEO-Information Services, has supported the Serbian Institute of Geodesy (RGZ) in its efforts to reinforce the institute’s capacity to produce geographical information with a comprehensive system including infrastructure, data and geo-information services, all within the framework a vast transfer of know-how programme.

Cartography of Mali: progess report of the project

In October 2012, IGN France International was awarded the project for Mali which covered 1/200,000 mapping and the modernisation of the country’s national geographic institute (Institut Géographique du Mali, IGM). This project, financed by European Development Funds, is due to run until June 2016.

IGN France International at Global Geospatial Conference 2013 (Ethiopia)

IGN France International participates in the joint AfricaGIS 2013 and GSDI 14 World Conference that take place in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), November 4th-8th.