IGN France International : geographic information engineering

IGN France International, subsidiary of the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), is recognised worldwide as a key player in geographic information engineering. It is involved in the setting up of projects and offers its expertise to foreign policy makers and French companies that are active in export. 
Its core business - geodesy, metrology, cartography, databases, GIS and web portals - targets the following fields of activity: cadastre - land assessment, environment, agriculture, security, energy...

Tanzania selects a consortium led by IGN FI to design and install its integrated land management information system

In July 2016, IGN FI was awarded the project funded by the World Bank, to design, supply, install and commission the Integrated Land Management Information System (ILMIS) of Tanzania. 

Since 2001, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development of Tanzania (MLHHSD) that is responsible for the land administration sector, has been incrementally implementing computerized systems at land office, land zonal offices and land offices in the Local Government Authorities (LGA) to facilitate the management of land records. Although this computerization clearly improved business operations within the Ministry, the citizens are still facing several problems among which unreliable information, slow and complex processes, uncertainty of land tenure for the main issues. 

IGN FI invited to debate on the issues associated with a French spatial policy to help development

The IRD1, CNES2, IGN FI  and Cirad4 jointly organised an event during the Toulouse Space Show on June 30th 2016 called "Observation of land in Africa, the issues for development".

IGN FI, as well as several other private companies alongside various public entities, were able to show the potential of spatial observation in Africa by presenting the applications linked to resource management (biodiversity, water, soils, fishing, etc.) and territories.

Representatives from the IRD, AFD, CNES and IGN FI then debated on the issues surrounding a French spatial policy to help development.


New 1/200,000 scale baseline mapping for Mali:The project comes to an end in September 2016

The European Union called on IGN FI in October 2012 for a project to rework Mali’s 1/200,000 scale national topographic map, create derived projects and services and modernize the Geographic Institute of Mali (IGM).

Over the borderline: article on countries' borders

The GeoConnexion magazine publish an article entitled: "Over the borderline". 

Uncertainty over the exact locations of countries’ borders can slow economic growth and even cause wars. Christophe Dekeyne and Cyril Romieu explain how geographic information, both old and new, can be used to settle disputes and ensure stability.