IGN France International : geographic information engineering

IGN France International, subsidiary of the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), is recognised worldwide as a key player in geographic information engineering. It is involved in the setting up of projects and offers its expertise to foreign policy makers and French companies that are active in export. 
Its core business - geodesy, metrology, cartography, databases, GIS and web portals - targets the following fields of activity: cadastre - land assessment, environment, agriculture, security, energy...

Borders: the Republic of the Congo calls on technical expertise from IGN FI

The Ministry for Home Affairs and Decentralisation of the Republic of the Congo has called on IGN France International to accompany them in their meetings with the border commissions of neighbouring countries.  

The project officially started on 2 September 2015 with the launch meeting held in Brazzaville and is expected to last for one year.

Modernization of land administration services in Uganda: IGN FI chosen to implement the land information system at National level

 The Government of Uganda with support from the World Bank has selected a consortium led by IGN France International to implement the second phase of the computerization of land registry. The DeSINLISI project will lead to the establishment of National Land Information System Infrastructure.


Signature of an executive agreement between the MRSIT and IGN: the first step towards IGN Congo

The MRSIT (Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation) in Congo and IGN, the French Institute for Geographic and Forestry Information, signed an executive collaboration contract on July 1st in Brazzaville

Film on the satellite imagery to help sustainable management of tropical forests

Early June 2015, AFD and FFEM broadcast a film titled Beyond the maps, illustrating the contribution of satellite images to sustainable management of African forests.

IGN France International takes part in the 16th FICA Forum dedicated to border issues

The 16th IHEDN (Higher Institute of National Defence) forum concerning the African continent (FICA) will take place in Paris from May 28th to June 4th 2015.

This year, the forum’s theme is the subject of borders. IGN France International will join the African Union Border programme manager to present the advantages of geographical information provided for running ‘border’ projects.