IGN France International : geographic information engineering

IGN France International, subsidiary of the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), is recognised worldwide as a key player in geographic information engineering. It is involved in the setting up of projects and offers its expertise to foreign policy makers and French companies that are active in export. 
Its core business - geodesy, metrology, cartography, databases, GIS and web portals - targets the following fields of activity: cadastre - land assessment, environment, agriculture, security, energy...

IGN France International wishes you all the best for 2016


IGN has published a new estimation of the ITRF - the International Terrestrial Reference Frame

How is the Earth deformed under the effect of continental drift, seismic phenomena or ice cap melt? At what speed is the sea level rising? How can we calculate the position of a constantly deformed point on the surface of the Earth? In order to continue getting the replies to these fundamental questions helping to understand our planet’s dynamics, the ITRF (International Terrestrial Reference Frame) must be updated. This reference frame is calculated by IGN once every four years on average and the new estimation, the ‘ITRF2014’, improves the accuracy of the reference and provides new data on seismic movement.

COP 21 / Invitation Side-Event: Satellite Images for Sustainable Forest Management - 11 December

Congo Basin forests represent 22 % of the world’s forests. Sustainable management of this huge carbon pool is therefore essential in the fight against climate change and for preserving biodiversity. Satellite images facilitate the monitoring of forest cover, as well as the development and implementation of sustainable land use policies.

During this round table, representatives of national authorities and holders of ambitious projects will demonstrate the benefits of the use of satellite images as a tool for sustainable forests management.

Partnership agreement IGN FI / IGN / Groupe FIT

 The national Institute of geographic information and forest (IGN) and GROUPE FIT have finalized a partnership agreement that formalizes the repurchase of a portion of shares owned by IGN.

Groupe FIT becomes majority shareholder of IGN France International (IGN FI), a subsidiary of IGN for export.

Article on Burkina Faso's national mapping project

The GeoConnexion magazine publish an article on Burkina Faso's national mapping project entitled: "New maps for a new millennium". A four-year project to update Burkina Faso’s national mapping for the first time in 50 years has just concluded. 

Borders: the Republic of the Congo calls on technical expertise from IGN FI

The Ministry for Home Affairs and Decentralisation of the Republic of the Congo has called on IGN France International to accompany them in their meetings with the border commissions of neighbouring countries.  

The project officially started on 2 September 2015 with the launch meeting held in Brazzaville and is expected to last for one year.