IGN FI offers to accompany its clients throughout all the phases of their SDI and mapping projects: assessing the current situation on data already available, technical aspects (from the initial collection of data to its update) and organisational issues (transfer of technology,  coordination, etc.).

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Advise, design, execute and support throughout all the stages of mapping projects:

  • Implementation of SDI and NGP
  • Creation of a national geodetic reference via a materialised network
  • Aerial photographs, LiDAR acquisition, satellite image acquisition
  • Creation of digital terrain models, digital elevation models, orthophotographs
  • 3D stereoscopic plotting, 2D digitising on orthoimages
  • Modelling and implementation of geographic databases, definition of the metadata as per international standards
  • Design and production of web-based portals for disseminating geographic data
  • Geometric and semantic quality controls of databases
  • Topographic reference mapping to national standards
  • Specific thematic mapping
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Implementation of mapping production lines with technology transfer

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