After several months of implementation and preparation, the project will begin the effective phase of training and inventories in September 2019. In total, nearly 120 agents from SODEFOR, OIPR and ANADER will be trained in the application of the inventory protocol, in the use of measuring devices that will be used during these inventory campaigns, and also in the use of collection tools. […]

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Cartographie nationale du Bénin : Reportage sur le projet et interview de Cyril Romieu, chef de projet, réalisée par Media1 et diffusée sur l’antenne Afrik samedi 15 juin 2019

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En savoir plus : le Bénin dispose désormais d’une carte nationale à jour

Geospatial information in Africa: investment in infrastructure, training and applied research to develop geospatial services within partnerships.

Read the article: “Geospatial information for African agriculture: A key investment for agricultural policies“ – published in the revue: Perspective – CIRAD (51)


Geospatial information and its derived products, designed to contribute to public agricultural policy making, are not widely used in Africa. The infrastructure, training and skills are lacking, and research and development activities are dispersed and inadequate. More importantly, needs are not formalised and technological resources, driven by the industrialised countries, are ill-adapted to the characteristics of agricultural systems in Africa. Moreover, companies, institutions and projects require a stable environment to ensure operational services, relevant products and useful information. These co-constructed services emerge within long-term partnerships between researchers, consultancies and end users. Research thus offers new opportunities for using satellite imagery to document and explain agricultural transformation processes. Finally, lasting interdisciplinary skills networks are needed to facilitate methodological and thematic exchanges.

An international consortium of public agencies: the British Geological Survey (U.K.); IHCantabria (Spain) and Geological Survey Ireland (Ireland) and companies: ARGANS (U.K.); isardSAT (Spain); adwäisEO (Luxembourg); Arctus (Canada) and IGN-FI (France) – led by ARGANS (UK), has won a major project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop innovative Earth Observation (EO) products/information in response to authoritative requirements from end users in charge of Coastal Erosion studies and mitigation. […]

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TWITTER: PNUD Benin @PNUDBenin “nouvelle  numérique”- Tweets – Avril 2019

En prélude à la remise officielle demain de la nouvelle numérique appuyée par l’ et le au , l’ a organisé une rencontre débat sur le thème: “Nouvelles cartes, nouveau Bénin” avec des experts cartographes, partage d’expériences



TWITTER: IF Bénin @IF_Benin “nouvelle  numérique”- Tweets – Avril 2019

Durant 4 ans des équipes composées d’experts du et de la ont sillonné le Bénin pour des données approfondies et précises consultables et téléchargeables sur le geoportail de l’. Une première pour le pays.

PRESS: « Contract for the Registrar General Department’s Property Business Registration System (PBRS) officially begins » – Trinidad and Tobago – Media Release – 11/01/2019


Extract of the media release of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago / Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs:


The contract for the development of the new Land Registry software for the Registrar General’sDepartment (RGD), the Property Business Registration System (PBRS) officially began yesterday, Thursday 10th January 2019 […]


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PRESS: « Ministry signs $35M deal to automate land registry system » – Trinidad and Tobago – LOOP News – 30/11/2018


[…]The Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs (AGLA) officially engaged a consulting firm to design and implement a new automated land registry system that is set to launch in mid-2019.


The new system, labelled the Property Business Registration System (PBRS), will cost TT $35 Million and will be built by a Consortium made up of three firms: IGN FI, GEOFIT and the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. […]


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PRESSE : “Guinée : vers l’élaboration d’une cartographie des sols” –  


[…]Le ministère de l’Agriculture vient d’initier un projet de zonage agro-écologique pour la mise en place d’un outil d’observation et de suivi continu de l’occupation des terres en Guinée. La présentation des résultats de la phase pilote du projet a eu lieu ce jeudi, 20 septembre 2018 dans la salle de conférence du ministère de la Pêche, de l’Aquaculture et de l’Economie Maritime[…] Lire l’article


VIDÉO : “Présentation de la phase pilote du projet de zonage agricole”  – JT1 – Espace TV Guinée 21/09/2018


Vidéo à 6 min :

PRESS: “Land disputes set to end as government rolls out digitalised deeds” – Tanzania – The Daily News – 10/03/2018


[…]The government shall in June, this year, start issuing digitalised land title deeds to replace the outdated manual system.[…]

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PRESS: “When land digital system thrilled Msinune villagers” – Tanzania – Sunday News – 11/02/2018


[…] Being the first village to benefit effect from Integrated Land Management Information System (ILMIS), Msinune village is implementing this pilot stage for the rest of the rural areas of the country.[…]


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PRESSE : Tanzanie : lancement d’un nouveau système d’information sur les attributions foncières – La Tribune / Africatime – 04/02/2018 /


Les autorités tanzaniennes ont présenté ce vendredi (02/02/2018) un projet de Système intégré d’information sur la gestion des terres à Dar es Salam qui, à terme, devrait aider à réduire le nombre de conflits fonciers. […]

PRESS: “Govt improves land tenure plan” – Ethiopia – The Citizen – 26/09/2017


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PRESS: Tanzania benchmarks Uganda on land registration – NEW VISION – 11/04/2017


The 14-member delegation jetted in on Sunday led by Emmanuel Mahinga, the project manager for the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development and Richard Shepard, the IGN Tanzania project manager.

RADIO : “L’inquiétant recul des forêts primaires” – France culture – 14/02/2017


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PRESS: “Geodesy: one continent, one representation” – Geoconnexion October 2016


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Radio : “Cartographie au Mali” – RFI – 06/08/2016


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PRESS: “Over the borderline” – Geoconnexion n°Juin 2016


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PRESSE : “Forêt dans les pays du Bassin du Congo” – Impact (RDC) n°Juin 2016


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 PRESS: “Mapping in Burkina Faso: new maps for a new millenium” – Geoconnexion n° Octobre 2015 


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RADIO : “Quelles cartes pour l’Afrique et les pays émergents” – RFI – 25/04/2013


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