Since the company was founded in 1986, IGN FI has always been committed to working in close proximity to its clients in order to implement creative, long-term solutions suited to each different project context.

IGN FI works to accompany the development of several entities, the most important of which are national mapping institutions and sectorial ministries working on geomatics (environment, agriculture, land planning, transports, etc.) and with whom regular exchanges take place.

The IGN FI business development team are always listening to client needs and taking market changes into account. They are available to work with clients on a daily basis, giving advice and making every effort to provide a personalised answer to client requirements.

IGN FI also relies on a solid network of French and international partners, all at the forefront of their field of expertise. These reference partners act as a guarantee to clients that projects will be seen through to the end, always in respect of timelines and specifications, providing the entities leading them with a successful outcome.

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