IGN FI has 35 members of staff.

The company’s head office is in Paris and temporary branches are set up in order to ensure closer presence to clients during the phases of project implementation.


Optical / SAR Remote sensing expert, Data analyst

  • Graduated with a master’s degree in Ecology, biodiversity and evolution at Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC - Paris), and a master degree in Remote sensing and geomatics applied to the environment at Paris Diderot University
  • She has been preparing a doctoral thesis at IGN FI since May 2018 on “Monitoring forest cover change in tropical and equatorial Africa by remote sensing: evaluation of the potential contribution of new optical and radar satellite sensors" through the use of time series and open-source tools
  • Detection of degraded forests using Sentinel-2 optical time series by deep learning
  • She also provides training in radar remote sensing, notably in Gabon, Benin, Ethiopia


Project manager, land administration and GIS expert

  • Graduated with an Engineering diploma in State geographic and cartographic works (National school of geographic sciences - ENSG), specializing in geographic information systems and master of application of computer science to earth sciences
  • Patrick worked for 25 years at the French National Geographic Institute (IGN) as expert in digital mapping, digital processes, database management and quality control
  • He joined IGN FI in 2007 and currently works as project manager for land administration projects: implementation of the National land administration information system in Uganda, rural land information system in Ivory Coast


Production manager, GIS expert

  • Graduated from the Foreign Languages and Literature faculty of the University of Bucharest
  • Irina worked as production coordinator and project manager at the Romanian branch of IGN FI for 8 years
  • She joined IGN FI in 2009 and works on the follow-up and quality control of data before turnover to clients and as a GIS expert. She is part of the team working to implement the National land administration information system project in Uganda


Project Manager

  • Graduated from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG) with an engineering diploma in State geographical and mapping work
  • Sophie worked at IGN for 26 years. After working in topographic databases and stereoscopic preparation, she became a consultant at IGN Conseil as a quality specialist. She worked for IGN FI on a number of projects in Senegal, Sudan, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Egypt and Abu Dhabi
  • She assisted the General Directors’ taskforce on the merger of IGN and the IFN (National Forest Inventory), and then worked as a quality adviser. After that she ran the Graphic Register of Plots (RPG) project for the Ministry of Agriculture as part of a reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. She was Project Management Officer for IGN’s portfolio of 60 priority projects, and then became head of the partner and institutional relations service for the ministries responsible for agriculture, ecology and  urban planning, where she set up national mapping projects
  • She joined IGN FI in 2021 as deputy project manager for the SIGFU project in Ivory Coast

Cristina SELARU

GIS expert

  • Graduated from the Law School of Bucharest
  • Cristina worked for 10 years as a GIS expert, production coordinator and project manager within the Romanian subsidiary of IGN FI.
  • During the following 8 years, she continued her collaboration with IGN FI being involved in several projects of land administration, most notably in Uganda and in Tanzania as a data conversion expert. She is currently responsible for Preliminary study and elaboration of digital cadastral plans in the framework of the FSN project in Cameroon and Team Leader of Data Conversion component of the SIGFU project in Ivory Coast


Project manager, Geodesy expert

  • Graduated from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG) and has a post-graduate diploma (DEA) in astronomy, celestial mechanics and geodesy
  • Cyril has worked on various geodesy projects around the world, mainly for the Special Projects departments at IGN and IGN FI. Cyril also taught at the ENSG for three years. He has been project manager for many programmes of national and international scope, including geodesy, bathymetry and aerial photography projects in Sudan and South Sudan
  • After leading a national geographic infrastructure project (including the production of a national geoid model) in Benin from 2014 to 2017, he has been the project manager in Uganda since 2018 for the creation of a national geodetic network and the establishment of a network of permanent GNSS stations


Cartography & Image processing expert

  • Graduated with a diploma specialising in cartography from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG)
  • Alain spent 26 years at IGN Espace working on processing and interpreting satellite images as well as the production of mapping data
  • He joined IGN FI in 2016 as a technical expert in mapping & image processing
  • He has worked on the following projects among other: national databases and mapping projects in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin and Chad

Camille PINET

Head of innovation

  • Camille graduated from the Rennes Higher Institute for Agricultural Sciences having specialised in spatial information processing, She has been working for more than 20 years in coordinating international projects, international consortia and multidisciplinary teams
  • She joined IGN FI in 1998 as an expert in environment and GIS, then became a project manager. From 2011 to 2020, she coordinated a huge programme of skills transfer and support for local teams in Central and West Africa in the use of satellite images for monitoring land use and land cover dynamics
  • She is familiar with the use, production, processing and checking of all types of geographic data
  • She now leads Innovation and R&D within IGN FI


Project Manager

  • Graduated from the National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG)
  • Stéphane started at the Geodesy and Metrology Department of IGN, on French and international projects. His experience is based on a range of activities for various organizations thereafter: head of the topographic unit in French Polynesia, project manager of cadastral supervision in Nicaragua for IGN FI, and various positions held in the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR) in specialities such as topography, bathymetry, institutional relations, project and team management
  • He joined IGN FI in 2021 as deputy project manager on an urban land project in Ivory Coast (SIGFU)


GIS, Remote sensing & Environment expert

  • Graduated with a degree in the sciences of matter and a master’s degree in geo-hazards and environmental information
  • Adrien has participated in several international projects that have enabled him to enhance his experience in the field of geomatics, working on land use, environment and its dynamics. Recently he was coordinator and production method manager of the agro-ecological zoning project in Guinea as well as project manager for the quality assessment carried out on the Corine Land cover 2018 database and its evolutions
  • He joined IGN FI in 2015 as an expert in GIS and remote sensing. He also works as a trainer in geomatics for various projects


Remote sensing & GIS expert

  • Graduated with a master’s degree in Geography, specialising in Physical and Environmental geography
  • Arthur joined IGN FI in 2018 as a remote sensing and GIS expert, to produce the land use database for the agro-ecological zoning project in the Republic of Guinea
  • He is involved in geomatics projects in the environmental field


Project Manager, Expert in land cover and use, remote sensing and environment

  • Graduated with a degree in advanced studies in geography, environment and spatial studies using remote sensing, and a degree in ecology from the University of Rennes
  • Gabriel is a well-known expert and adviser at the European level in the field of land cover and landscape dynamics using satellite images. Over the past 20 years he has run many cartographic and thematic projects in Europe and internationally
  • He joined IGN FI in 1995 as an expert in land cover and a project manager. He has been responsible for quality assurance on a number of projects relating to land cover and its evolution, firstly in Europe as an expert for the European Environment Agency, then in Central and South America and finally in North, Central and West Africa. He is currently running a major project to validate and provide quality assurance for cartographic products in the framework of the COPERNICUS Hot Spot Monitoring programme, made up of a consortium of several European partners
  • Gabriel is heavily involved in experimental natural capital ecosystem accounting projects, and he is the author and co-author of several scientific publications

Laurent HEYDEL

Technical bid manager, Geodesy expert

  • Graduated from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG)
  • Laurent worked at IGN for 28 years in several different departments, and was in charge of the Special Works service in the Geodesy and metrology Department for 10 years. Laurent is also a board member of the AFT (Association of French-speaking Topographers)
  • He joined IGN FI in 2021 as “Tenders Adviser”, in charge of the technical co-ordination of tender preparation. He also works as an expert, and takes part in monitoring technological developments relating to all positioning and rise tools


Project manager, Cartography, GIS and geographic database expert

  • Graduated from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG) with an engineering diploma, and Master 2 in software engineering at Télécom ParisTech
  • Nicolas joined IGN in 2006 after spending 12 years at the Ministry of Defence. He worked in database administration and production support for the various chains of map production
  • He first worked with IGN FI from 2012 until 2016, directing the modernisation project for the Mali Geographic Institute (IGM), which involved a comprehensive skills transfer and resulted in the creation of a national, multi-thematic cartographic database
  • From 2016 he worked on setting up a new multi-scale mapping infrastructure enabling IGN’s digital and paper production chains to be modernised and harmonised
  • He joined IGN FI in 2021 as a technical expert in GIS/mapping and databases


    Project manager, GIS & geographic database expert

    • Graduated with an Engineering diploma in State Geographic and Cartographic Work from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG), specializing in geomatics and management of development projects (master’s degree - University of Avignon)
    • For 9 years, Yvan worked at the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), first in the vector database production and updating department, then in the IGN Consultancy service
    • In 2014, he joined IGN FI as an expert in geographic information systems (GIS) / Databases, and as a project manager.He designs and sets up vector data production chains for projects that require it.He works mainly on the themes of Cadastre / Land registry, Reference Cartography, Environment (Land use cartography), NSDI, and Defence

    Mathilde DUMONT

    Photogrammetry & Spatial imagery expert

    • Graduated from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG) with a degree in Geomatics and the Environment
    • Mathilde worked for almost 9 years as a geospatial analyst for the French Ministry of Defence
    • She joined IGN FI in 2016 as an expert in aerial and spatial imagery. Since then, she has worked on several mapping projects for the company, including two in Benin. She worked as an expert in photogrammetry for the project to produce the national map of Benin during the production stages and also as a trainer for officers of the Geographic Institute of Benin
    • On projects, she is responsible for drafting specifications for aerial acquisitions, producing photogrammetric products (orthophotography, digital terrain model, contour lines) and their quality control
    • Mathilde is currently project manager of two large-scale mapping projects in Chad, on the cities of N'Djamena and Moundou

    Aurélia DECHERF

    Rural land administration and Natural resource management expert

    • Graduated with a diploma in environmental engineering from the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, specializing in Geographic Information Sciences (SILAT – AgroParisTech)
    • Aurélia has taken part in various projects combining remote sensing, GIS and rural development, in applied research (IRD, CIRAD, IRSTEA) and in project management consultancies (GEOFIT, IGN FI). In particular, she has worked on developing production chains for mapping land use in a wide variety of fields (e.g. agriculture, natural resource management, defence and land administration)
    • She worked for GEOFIT from 2016, where she coordinated and provided support for projects to secure land administration in rural areas and establish land information systems internationally (Senegal, Madagascar, Mali and Ivory Coast)
    • She joined IGN FI in 2020 as an Expert in rural land administration and natural resource management

    Grégoire CÉZARD

    TI support

    • Graduated from the 3iL IT Engineering Institute in Limoges with an engineer’s diploma then continued his studies to obtain a master’s degree in IT
    • He joined IGN FI in 2004 as IT manager
    • He has participated as an IT expert in numerous international projects, such as land projects in Tanzania, Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc.
    • Thanks to his years of experience at IGN FI, Grégoire has excellent skills in IT security, database management systems and in the field of server and network infrastructures, particularly in complex contexts (unstable electricity supply, degraded local computer networks or intermittent Internet access)

    Didier BOUTELOUP

    Project manager, Geodesy, GIS, Database, Cadastre and Land information systems expert

    • Graduated from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG) with an engineering diploma in State geographical and mapping work
    • Didier has been involved as an expert in various projects around the world, at the outset of his career specializing mainly in the field of geodesy. Subsequently, as a consultant expert for IGN Conseil, he took part in setting up GIS and databases in various projects, notably in the fields of quality control and the integration of geographic data. He also spent 7 years teaching at the ENSG in the Global and Spatial Positioning department
    • He joined IGN FI in 2017 as a project manager and Expert in geodesy, GIS, databases and land information systems. Since 2017, he has been involved in leading IGN FI experts in a land administration theme group in order to enhance momentum around this area of activity. He has been involved in various projects in Africa, notably in Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, Ivory Coast and recently in Cameroon. He also acts as a trainer in the framework of these different projects

    Vincent BOUSQUET

    Project manager, Photogrammetry, Spatial imagery & LiDAR expert

    • Graduated from the National school of geographic sciences (ENSG), and specialized in photogrammetry at the Lausanne federal polytechnic school (EPFL)
    • After a national service in cooperation in Madagascar where he worked as a trainer in photogrammetry and remote sensing, he joined the production services of the French National Geographic Institute (IGN). He participated for five years as a production engineer and analyst in the production of the IGN's reference orthophotographs (BDORTHO)
    • After this experience in production, Vincent Bousquet worked for almost 11 years as a consultant where he led numerous expertise projects in the fields of aerial photographic acquisition and LiDAR, DTM and orthophotography production, restitution, cartography and GIS, both in France and abroad (Madagascar, Gabon, El Salvador, Algeria)
    • He joined IGN FI in 2018, where he works on expertise and projects in photogrammetric and LiDAR production. In particular, he is involved in the geographical infrastructure project for the city of N'Djaména in Chad, working on photogrammetric restitution, the production of DTM LiDAR and high-resolution urban orthophotographs

    Stéphane PALICOT

    Central & Southern Africa, Central & South America

    • Graduated from Télécom Physique Strasbourg with an engineering degree and master 2 postgraduate degree in photonics and image
    • Stéphane started his career as a project manager in remote sensing and geographic information systems at the Ministry of Defence and then at the Ministry of Ecology, before joining Geofit in 2013 where he managed international projects on information systems
    • He joined IGN FI in 2019

    Christophe GRATEAU

    Nothern & Eastern Africa

    • Graduated from the National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG)
    • Christophe has worked at IGN for the last 29 years on various phases of the process to create national geographic data infrastructures
    • He joined IGN FI in 2007

    Benoît KIÉNÉ

    Central & Southern America, Western Africa, Europe

    • Graduated from the National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG) with a specialization in territorial engineering and a Master’s degree in political sciences from the University of Paris-Dauphine and the National School of Administration
    • Benoît started his career at IGN as a consultant before moving to a position as project leader. He then worked for the Ile-de-France Regional Authorities as a project leader responsible for scheduling major public transport projects
    • He joined IGN FI in 2016

    Gaëtan CHAUDAGNE

    Middle East, North Africa, South-East Asia, Caribbean

    • Graduated from the Montpellier Business School and the University of Sichuan (China)
    • Gaëtan worked for a large French industrial group in a sales position before spending 4 years in China working as a sales manager in the field of energy
    • He joined IGN FI in 2014


    Central & Eastern Africa

    • Graduated from a Business School with an M2 postgraduate degree in international marketing and international relations and languages
    • Aude has always worked in business development and marketing on projects related to emerging countries
    • She joined IGN FI in 2008

    Jean-Philippe LESTANG

    Deputy Managing Director Business & Development

    Geographer and urban & physical planner graduated from Sorbonne University (France), Jean-Philippe Lestang has nearly 30 years of experience in a variety of activities related to land governance, land administration, territorial, physical and spatial planning, GIS, and urban development. Jean-Philippe’s experience includes being a Team Leader and holding senior consulting positions working with a broad range of donor agencies, which have given him in-depth, hands-on roles in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He has been the deputy managing director at IGN FI since 2019


    Deputy Managing Director Technical Affairs

    Geographic and cartographic State engineer and graduated in geodesy from the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton in Canada), Aurélie worked as a consultant in geomatics in France and abroad for 8 years. She then took over management of the IGN Conseil team for 6 years. She has been the Deputy manager director of technical at IGN FI since 2008.

    Christophe DEKEYNE

    General manager

    Geographic and cartographic State engineer, specialized in photogrammetry (DEA), Christophe Dekeyne worked for 10 years as a project leader then a product manager developing the topographic database (BDTopo) of the French National Geographic Institute (IGN). He joined the IGN FI team in 2000 and after 2 spending years as a technical expert, he became European Manager and then Business Development Manager from 2006 to 2013. He was named as Senior advisor for European and International Affairs of IGN in 2014 before being appointed General Manager of IGN FI and took office on 1 July 2015.



    Eric Thalgott has been the director of the GEOFIT group since the year 2000. He started his career in Nouakchott, Mauritania in1988, participating in a project on the informal regularization of housing. He joined GEOFIT Expertise in 1988 before being named as head of GEOFIT’s topographical department for the west of France in 1989, then Director of the ‘Ile de France’ establishment in 1992, Geomatic projects in 1996 and CEO of the GEOFIT Group’ in 2000.