In view of the obligations States are faced with concerning the fight to preserve the environment, as well as prevent and manage risks, environmental information can be considered an essential and undeniable element. On a European level, the CORINE programme (coordination of information on the environment) was launched in 1985, with data being now updated every 6 years. IGN FI has held a major role since the beginning, creating and validating the geographic databases for land use such as CORINE Land Cover. Outside of Europe, IGN FI has promoted the CORINE concept using adapted versions which take into account the specific aspects of regions and also participates in a project on ecosystem accounting of Africa’s natural capital.

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Our areas of expertise

Advise, design and implement projects specifically adapted to the different aspects of work on the environment:

  • Consultancy services, studies of existing geographic data and needs for new data
  • Specification of map products and databases
  • Aerial photographs; satellite image acquisition
  • Creation of orthophotographs or orthoimages, DTM (digital terrain models), or DEM (digital elevation models)
  • Production of 2D and 3D reference data
  • Production of environmental data, bring existing data into topological compliance in a reference framework
  • Modeling and implementation of metadata as per international standards
  • Detection of changes and statistical analysis
  • Development and implementation of thematic applications; creation of thematic maps
  • Quality assurance and control; validation of databases
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Implementation of production lines, technology and skills transfer
  • Technical assistance

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