The in-depth, detailed knowledge of its territory is a key element for a State for setting its policies on risk prevention, management of catastrophes or good governance of its border areas. The creation or update of military maps for the areas in which specific operations take place, the creation of mobile units that can be easily made operational, mapping and demarcation of land borders, delimitation of maritime spaces, 3D land visualisation tools, surveillance of vulnerable sites (metrology) or creation of dedicated training programmes: IGN FI accompanies its clients with utmost confidentiality by proposing tailor-made solutions.

IGN FI offers technical solutions, adapted and reliable tools which take into consideration the complete set of data concerning each territory.

Our areas of expertise

Advise, design and implement projects that are specifically adapted to the various elements of the defence and civil security sector:

  • Acquisition of data (satellite and aerial images, images from drones, LiDAR acquisitions, field survey)
  • Processing and integration of the data acquired
  • Production of databases (2D, 3D) and maps to prepare, schedule and run military or security-based operations
  • Implementation of GeoView® production lines
  • Geometric assessment of new sensors (satellite or other types), with the possibility to integrate models into GeoView®
  • Integration of geographic components, such as 2D and 3D land modelling and visualisation tools, into crisis management systems, terrestrial and maritime surveillance systems as well as command and control information systems 
  • Technical assistance, technology transfer and training
  • Measurement of precise geodetic survey points, metrology
  • Formatting, structuration and organisation of military geographic products as per NATO standards

 Our means

IGN FI provides its teams of specialists to clients:

  • Sector experts (engineers with a background in the French Defence sector – including the Navy’s hydrographical and oceanographic department for marine mapping, IGN Espace, IT engineering and services specialist companies…)
  • Analysts experienced in creating profession-based information systems 
  • Experts in GIS and systems engineers 
  • Experienced project directors and managers

IGN FI offers tried and tested software to its clients, including:

  • GeoView®, software for image processing and 2D/3D cartographic data digitising, specially designed for creating databases and military mapping and used in particular, by the French Ministry of Defence
  • GIS solutions

Other “Defence / Civil security” projects