IGN FI at the Property tax reform ADB conference, at Manila 16-18 September 2019

IGN FI at the Property tax reform ADB conference, at Manila 16-18 September 2019

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) held a conference on “Property Tax Reform and Domestic Resource Mobilization in Asia and the Pacific region” at Manila on 16-18 September 2019.

The conference objective was to support strategies for improving the revenue performance of property taxes in ADB developing member countries in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific region.

Governments in many low-income developing countries have struggled to maintain an efficient and effective property tax system in the face of dynamic markets, political resistance, institutional constraints and lack of human and financial resources. However, many are now considering major reform of property tax to improve revenue mobilisation. Recurrent property tax has significant revenue mobilisation potential for developing countries, contributes to social equity and economic efficiency, while providing stable and predictable revenue source for governments. Property taxation can also be used as an important policy instrument to capture land value, promote efficient land-use management and infrastructure development, stabilise residential property prices and support fiscal decentralisation.

As part of its actions and realisations in the field of land administration, IGN FI carried out a demonstration on land information system.

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