The IGN Magazine / IGN MAG:  no. 101

The IGN Magazine / IGN MAG: no. 101

Every three months IGN Magazine brings you the latest news from IGN plus in-depth reports providing insights into the world of geographic and forest information and the issues surrounding it.

This edition includes:

  • Headlines:
    • Science Festival: a digital stroll through nature
    • IGNfab: The 6th call for “Energy and Climate” projects is coming up
    • IGN Research days: “Artificial intelligence and geographic data”
    • Geo festival: the climate has changed, is changing and will change in the future: “Artificial intelligence and geographic data”
  • In-depth report > Gender equality at IGN
  • Explanation > Gender equality at IGN: key figures
  • Forests > Women foresters: feeling good in their boots
  • Tools and data > Artificial intelligence: making use of AI for geographic information
  • Education and innovation > Engineering schools: where are all the women?
  • Spotlight  > Women, unknowing pioneers
  • Portrait > Tatiana F-Salomon

Magazine available to read online or to download: (in French)