Cadastre Colombia: Methodology conception

Cadastre Colombia: Methodology conception

Conception of integral methodology to carry out urban and rural multi-purpose cadastre in La Mojana region (Colombia).

These last years Colombia has taken a historic turn after signing a peace treaty with the FARC. These agreements have resulted in implementation of the politics of territorial development and, as objective, the redistribution of lands. To highlight these actions, the National Development Plan 2014-2018 (PND) «All for a New Country» provides for, in particular, «the promotion of national cadastre with multy-purpose approach, understood as one that contains property information, that adds to the legal security of land property right, helps strengthening local taxation and territorial development as well as the social and economic planning».

In this context and thanks to funds of technical expertise and exchange of expertise, the French Development Agency (AFD) has entrusted the IGN FI – GEOFIT group with a project for technical assistance to Colombian Departamento National de Planeción (DNP), responsible, among others, for dressing out the national cadastre.

The project has a double objective. On one side it consists of defining an integral methodology in order to carry out a multi-purpose urban and rural cadastre for a region of Colombia that regroups 11 municipalities, the region of La Mojana. On the other side, it will assist the Colombian government in implementation of this methodology by a contractor.

In the first phase the IGN FI – GEOFIT group has offered an innovative cadastre implementation methodology, conform with demands expressed by the Colombian government. The offered innovations are set to cut down significantly the acquisition time and cost while treating the maximum of information. It is also integrated since it offers to take into account the totality of aspects of multi-purpose cadastre: not only technical, but also social, legal and economic dimensions.

Developed in a close cooperation with the Colombian authorities, the methodology will be put in place in La Mojana region as a part of a call of tender that will soon be launched by the DNP.