CAMEROON: Launch of the Land Registration and Estates Modernisation Project

CAMEROON: Launch of the Land Registration and Estates Modernisation Project

A consortium made up of IGN FI/ GEOFIT/ GEODESIGN & BIZ has been awarded the delegated project management contract in Cameroon to carry out the activities comprising module 1 of the Project entitled “Modernisation of Land Registration and Estates”. The project, costing 1,465,480€ net of tax, is being financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and is intended to take 12 months.

The start-up assignment began on 9 September with the presence locally of the project manager and the expert in Geodesy and Land Registry Surveying. In all, 25 experts will be working on the project, covering  the following fields of expertise: land information systems, software architecture, digitisation, topography, geodesy….

The principal strategic objectives of the Support Project for Modernization of the Land Registration System and Business Climate (PAMOCCA) are as follows:

  • Helping to strengthen the State’s strategic management capabilities
  • Accelerating the mobilisation of fiscal and economic resources
  • Improving the business climate and stimulating investment
  • Improving the living conditions of populations.

The initial phase of the project will be focused on the cities of Bafoussam, Bamenda, Bertoua, Buea, Ebolowa and Ngaoundere.

It will be organised around the following 3 main components:

  • Preliminary study for the computerization of the Ministry of Estates, Land Registration and Land Registry Affairs
    • Analysis and specifications for the business-skills modules
  • Geodesy
    • Densification of Cameroon’s Geodesic Network in each of the six cities
    • Co-ordinates transformation software (Circe)
    • Diagnosis of CORS stations network
  • Preliminary study and development of provisional digital land registry plans
    • Digitisation of technical files and plans for the 6 cities
    • Creation of provisional land registry plans

IGN FI is highly experienced in the field of land registration systems, having successfully carried out many ambitious projects over the past few years in Africa and Central America. Cameroon is the first country in Central Africa to commit to the process of digitising its land administration system.

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