Togo: IGN FI awarded the study on the implementation of permanent stations

Togo: IGN FI awarded the study on the implementation of permanent stations

IGN FI has been awarded the study on the implementation of permanent stations throughout the national territory in order to develop and materialise a Reference Coordinate System (RCS) integrated with the existing geodetic markers for an efficient management of cadastral affairs.

The specific objectives of the study are as follows:

  • Evaluate the number of permanent stations needed to be installed for a good cover of the national territory
  • Identify the potential locations for the installation of these stations
  • Assess the conditions for installation and operation (clear sky, radio environment, access to electricity and Internet)
  • Define the technical specifications of all the equipment required for the installation of each station, including the construction of the premises that will house the stations
  • Evaluate the overall cost of setting up these permanent stations.

Scheduled to last 8 months, this study aims to enable the Togolese Revenue Office (OTR) to ensure a good national coverage and a good performance of the permanent stations that will be installed.

According to Cyril Romieu, IGN FI project manager and geodesy expert, “In the long term, the installation and operation of permanent stations will allow, among other things, to secure the collection of primary data in the field of land registry, but it will also be useful in many other areas such as urban planning or land development. The modernisation of a country’s geodetic network should therefore be a prerequisite for any development project.

Relying on the practical experience of the geodesy and metrology department of the IGN (French national institute of geographic and forestry information), IGN FI has carried out numerous projects in the field of geodesy. Among the most recent, we can mention the project currently underway in Colombia with the installation of 13 new permanent stations for the national geodetic network, the project in Laos (about 50 new stations) or the project in Uganda that was completed in 2020 and aimed at updating the geodetic network, also with the objective of improving land management.