Ivory Coast / SIGFU: the Steering Committee reports on the progress of the project

Ivory Coast / SIGFU: the Steering Committee reports on the progress of the project

The Steering Committee of the Integrated Urban Land Management System (SIGFU) implementation project held its second meeting on Friday 24 March. Chaired by the Director General of Urban Planning and Land Tenure, Mr. KRA Kouman, this committee is made up of general and central directors of the different administrations, stakeholders in the urban land chain; notably the ministries in charge of Urban Planning, Budget, Sanitation and Territorial Administration.

This second meeting was an opportunity for Mr MBOW Nassirou, Director of Modernisation, Computerisation, Simplification and Securisation of Acts, in his capacity as Deputy Secretary General of the steering committee, to review the progress of SIGFU. During this meeting, issues related to the finalisation of aerial photography in phase 1 of the project, the deployment of the new Land and Housing Management System (SGFH) for the follow-up of requests for acts, in particular the ACD, and the launch of the public web portal were discussed.

Furthermore, one of the major reforms of the SIGFU, which is the procedure of mass titling of urban land parcels, whose objective is the massive creation of land titles in the name of the State upstream, at the time of the approval of the subdivision and no longer downstream at the time of the submission of the ACD application by the user, was reviewed. Indeed, the pilot project of massive titling was launched in October 2022 on a typical subdivision, in order to test its implementation before its generalization.

At this stage, it should be noted that the pilot is on track and the Joint Enforcement Order for the allotment must now be signed before the identification of customary use rights holders.

In addition, this improvement will help secure land information and accelerate the issuance of administrative acts.

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Operated by IGN FI, the implementation of the Integrated Urban Land Management System is part of the simplification and digital transformation project of urban land initiated by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urbanism (MCLU) and the Ministry of Budget and State Portfolio (MBPE). It aims to simplify and accelerate the process of issuing administrative acts, to secure land information by drastically reducing land conflicts and disputes and finally, to improve the business environment in Ivory Coast.