Senegal/ PGIIS: Presentation of the mapping of flood areas and flood risks in the Touba-Diourbel area

Senegal/ PGIIS: Presentation of the mapping of flood areas and flood risks in the Touba-Diourbel area

Starting in October 2021, the Component 1 of the Integrated Flood Management Project in Senegal (PGIIS – Projet de Gestion Intégrée des Inondations au Sénégal) consists of producing fine cartographic data on the entire territory and on several key areas, and setting up an integrated flood management platform. During the initial phase of the contract, 7 zones were identified as those most at risk from flooding. At the end of this identification phase, a campaign to acquire topographic data of unprecedented accuracy in Senegal was carried out.

A meeting to present the results for the Touba-Diourbel target area was held on June 21, 2023 at the Government offices. The IGN FI-BRLI consortium, commissioned by the Ministry of Flood Prevention and Management and the Flood Prevention and Management Department (DPGI), detailed the nature of the risk in this specific area. Simulations showing the impact of flooding on the most densely populated neighborhoods, for example, and identifying the infrastructure most affected, were also presented to raise awareness among the local population and administrative and territorial authorities.

“I’ve come here to demonstrate the commitment of government bodies to the importance of this project for Senegal and the progress made in terms of planning for the country’s regions.
The involvement of governors and prefects is important for monitoring the actions taken by the PGIIS project. The DPGI is carrying out work that will benefit the various government structures and local decision-makers and elected representatives. In conclusion, mapping applied to flood-prone areas will enable Senegal to better manage its territory and ensure its resilience in the face of future hydrological events”.
Issakha DIOP, Minister, attached to the Minister of Water and Sanitation, in charge of Flood Prevention and Management.

Each of the six other pilot areas will be the subject of an in-depth presentation of the results. A workshop to present the results of the Dakar-Tivaouane-Joal pilot area will be held on December 19 in Dakar.

IGN FI / actu Sénégal projet PGIIS : extrait carte hauteurs d'eauPGIIS project: water level map – extract

Initiated by the Government of Senegal, with the support of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the French Development Agency (AFD), the PGIIS aims to strengthen the resilience of populations, reduce their vulnerability and promote a culture of risk in the face of flooding. It has 4 distinct objectives: improving knowledge of flood risk (component 1), reducing the vulnerability of territories to flood risk (component 2), preventing flood risk (component 3) and strengthening flood risk governance (component 4). Component 1, which is based on a scientific and institutional approach to urban flood management at local and national level, aims to go beyond the construction of infrastructure and to find a more sustainable response to flood governance in Senegal.