Land certification in Mozambique: intensification of the regularisation operations on the field!

Land certification in Mozambique: intensification of the regularisation operations on the field!

The Government of Mozambique, with the support of the World Bank, launched the Terra Segura Project in 2019, which has the main objective of strengthening land tenure security in selected districts and improving the efficiency and accessibility of land administration services.

It includes actions for systematic land regularisation, with projects for the implementation of base mapping, public information and awareness campaigns, community demarcation (DELCOM), and land use rights regularisation (DUAT). In all, more than 2 million DUATs and 1,200 DELCOMs will be provided.

In this context, IGN FI in association with METOP, was selected to carry out the delimitation of 120 DELCOMs and 200,000 DUATs, in the region of Sofala (500 km north of Maputo, in the centre of the country). The project started in October 2021, and since the beginning of June, our the teams have been present in the localities of Caia, Baruè, Guro, Manica and Chemba to carry out public awareness meetings and socio-land surveys, with the very active participation of the local populations. The demarcation of communities and the production of DUATs have also begun, which was eagerly awaited by the population.

“Setting up the project, assisting in the preparation of our teams before they leave on their mission, and then beginning to receive images of the populations who are fully cooperating with them is always a great satisfaction because it shows how much our actions make sense on the field and reminds us that land projects are all about people” Stéphane PALICOT, Regional Director.


IGN FI is currently conducting numerous projects in the field of land tenure, whether rural or urban, including projects in Ivory Coast: an integrated urban land management system (SIGFU) in Abidjan, the implementation of a rural land information system (SIFOR), addressing the district of Abidjan and the implementation of a unique addressing reference system (PADA), and support projects for land tenure security in Burundi and Madagascar.