Implementation of an Integrated Urban Land Management System in Greater Abidjan and Assinie, IVORY COAST

To address the overall structural deficiency of the land chain in Côte d’Ivoire, the Ministry in charge of Construction and Urban Planning has taken concrete actions to provide rapid responses to the urgency of the situation. A Steering Committee for Simplification and Digital Transformation (CP-STD) as well as its operational body, the Permanent Secretariat (SP-STD) were created by Order No. 0040 of April 06, 2017 (Annex 1), in order to design and coordinate the implementation of the MCLU’s simplification and digital transformation policy.

Strategic objectives

  • Simplify procedures and give users visibility into the follow-up of the procedures they have undertaken
  • Digitize information, implement an end-to-end digital processing system and ensure the preservation, sharing and exchange of multiple-use information
  • Organize services and automate processing to increase the quality, efficiency and productivity of the land chain
  • Achieve a target quantity of Arrêtés de Concession Définitive (land titles)
  • Reduce the time required to process files
  • Reduce the number of land disputes
  • Coordinate processing with external entities (DGI, Prefects, town halls, etc.)

Key figures

  • 9 structuring components
  • 40 experts, 25 technicians and 240 operators
  • 4,500 km² of orthophoto coverage at 5 cm resolution with Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Nominal production of 60 000 land titles per year

2021 / 2023

Crédit export

Integrated land information system, Cadastre, Data conversion, Training, Capacity building