Detailed design, development and implementation of a Rural Land Information System (SIFOR), IVORY COAST

The overall objective of this project is to support the AFOR (Rural Land Agency) in the detailed design, development and deployment of a new IT application for the management of its system: SIFOR.

SIFOR should allow:

  • The setting up of a real secure digital register of rural land in Ivory Coast.
  • A better functional coverage of needs compared to the application currently used, which is application currently in use, which is essentially limited to the management of Village Territory Delimitations (DTV) and land certification.
  • A dematerialisation of the land bundle currently in paper form. The land bundle in Ivory Coast refers to all the forms required for the various stages of land certification.
  • The integration of the Unique Land Identifier of Ivory Coast (IDUFCI). Better integration between literal, documentary and geographical data, in respecting the LADM ISO 19152 standard.
  • Greater data security.

The Groupement is setting up a “full web” software, based solely on Open Source components, integrating the computerisation of 20 transactions (business procedures and project creation), with the integration of dematerialised documents, the generation of secure documents and titles, maps, the extraction or The system will be based on a configurable workflow engine, which will allow the user to download data, enter the collected information or create parcels and village boundaries.

It will be based on a configurable workflow engine.

All content will be available via dashboards allowing the monitoring of procedures through various data visualizations, and via activity reports and a module for monitoring projects of integrated operations so that AFOR can monitor and validate the work carried out by the various actors (land operators, deconcentrated structures or any other stakeholder in the land tenure security procedure).

Users (named or anonymous) will have dedicated web portals at their disposal, accessible from a “desktop” computer or mobile stations (smartphones, tablets).


1. Detailed analysis and design of the Rural Land Information System.

    • Detailed analysis report
    • Architecture file and model of the system
    • Data migration plan

2. Elaboration of technical specifications of the necessary resources for the deployment of SIFOR

    • Technical specifications file for hardware, additional software and hosting solution

3. Delivery, installation and configuration of the software platform

    • Installed and functional platform accompanied by an installation report

4. Development and testing of SIFOR

    • System administration and user manual
    • Source code of the adaptations
    • Acceptance booklet and test report

5. Deployment of SIFOR, data migration, training and skills transfer.

    • Deployed system accompanied by a deployment and data migration report
    • Training materials (administrator, user, maintenance)

6. Maintenance and technical assistance

    • Monthly technical assistance reports and source code of changes made

Key figures

  • 6 Regions and 19 Departments covered by the system
  • 50 daily users of the system with 7 different profiles
  • 20 integrated transactions
  • More than 50,000 land certificates managed as well as 100,000 lease contracts

2020 / 2023

World Bank

Land information system, Technical assistance, Training, Deployment