Agricultural growth and land tenure security (CASEF), MADAGASCAR

In 2016 the Madagascar government, with support from the World Bank, launched the Agricultural Growth and Land Tenure Security Project (CASEF), which has given a historic impetus to the promotion and implementation of the 2005 Land Reform by securing 2.5 million plots over 5 years, targeting 850,000 farmers.

It has involved intensive mobilisation, communication actions, training courses and the development of appropriate technologies and technical approaches in order to issue 500,000 land title certificates by June 2022, of which between 30 and 40% are in the names of women, in 195 municipalities, and it has been the subject of discussions, challenges and potential risks.

Since 2018 the consortium of IGN FI / Geosystem has been working with 195 communes in 3 Malagasy provinces to facilitate registration of land rights economically and quickly in accordance with the legal framework of decentralised land administration, by revitalising land offices in the areas covered by the project.

Key figures

  • 195 communes benefiting from technical support
  • 329,000 land titles issued (end of 2021)
  • 228,000 farmers given support in their applications

2018 / 2022

World Bank