Master plan for simplification and digital transformation of urban land administration, IVORY COAST

In April 2017, the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning (MCLU) created by decree the Steering Committee for Simplification and Digitization (CP-STD). By setting up this committee, the Ministry is strengthening the co-ordination and leadership mechanisms for managing the tasks involved in modernizing its administrative functions in line with the vision of reforms recommended by the “Doing Business” program – improving the business environment by simplifying administrative procedures relating to construction, housing, sanitation and urban planning.

Objectives and deliverables

The overall objective of this study was to set out a road map for simplification and digitization of the MCLU. The move to digital will make administrative documents more transparent, simpler and more secure, serving the general interest, citizens and users.

Specific objectives

  • Defining the overall vision and strategic guidelines
  • Setting out the time frame for achieving the objectives (phases and scheduling)
  • Establishing priorities
  • Identifying the requirements for improvements (levels of service – quality, time limits)
  • Analyzing and proposing a master plan for the land administration component
  • Studying the interactions with other master plans
  • Establishing a strategy to manage the program
  • Determining the approach with regard to security policy, back-ups, archiving (data, infrastructure etc.)
  • Defining a development strategy for specific land administration business software
  • Identifying factors which could hamper implementation
  • Establishing a communication strategy
  • Setting out a strategy for change management and capacity development

Key Figures

  • 60 interviews conducted
  • 8 thematic workshops
  • 40 stakeholders encountered
  • More than 100 documents, procedures and regulatory texts assessed and analyzed
  • 8 strategic axes defined
  • 9 structuring projects proposed

2017 / 2018

Study, Master plan, Digitization, Land administration, Change management