Design, supply, installation and commissioning of integrated land management information system (ILMIS), TANZANIA

During the last decade, the ministry of lands, housing and human settlements development (MLHHSD) has undertaken efforts and initiatives to modernize land administration and develop institutional transformation. The focus is to computerize the alphanumeric data of the cadastral parcels, and registration data (certificates of occupancy, customary rights, land administration dossiers) managed by the MLHHSD in Dar es Salaam and the zonal offices. The integrated land information system (LIS) aims to integrate the spatial aspects of land administration data managed by district offices.

The system of land registration is currently managed semi – manually. The variance in land value for compensation and general property dealings is causing serious distortions in the land market. IT improvement and legislation governing the practice of land administration is urgently needed.

The ILMIS project is an initiative of the ministry of lands, housing and human settlements development (MLHHSD) of Tanzania. It is funded by the World Bank Group and the Government of Tanzania. The ILMIS project is expected to address all functions of the land sector, delivering tools for handling all land management functions (i.e.: cadastral surveying, land delivery services, town planning, workflow management, etc.), improving the security and reliability of land transactions through an efficient and reliable land information system, offering the technical framework to harmonize and share land data but also to track efficiency and transparency in delivering land administration services.

The ILMIS project finally aims at contributing to create reliable “land administration services for the customers and improving public confidence in the land administration services”.

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Main objectives and deliverables

  • Objective 1:
    • Prepare the detailed design of the ILMIS
    • Development/Customization of ILMIS solution/software
    • ILMIS solution phase one implementation preparation
    • Specific setting up of the national land information center (NLIC)
  • Objective 2:
    • Land records, cadastral maps, legacy data, drawings rehabilitation, conversion to digital format and securing
    • Digital data upload to the ILMIS data base
  • Objective 3:
    • Land records data integration in one data set
    • Linking land registration data (certificates of occupancy, land administration records) and cadastral parcels data
    • ILMIS full data set (Stage 1) is prepared for use in the LIS
    • Upload to the appropriate domains of the database
  • Objective 4:
    • Establishment and implementation of the ILMIS
    • Purchase & Installation of hardware, equipment and consumables according to the system design and architecture for offices
    • Improve the security and reliability of the registration and cadastral services provided to the customers
  • Objective 5:
    • Better public awareness regarding the advantages of the formalisation of property rights
    • Inform the public about the advantages of a new system for land acquisition and registration;
    • Promote new registration and cadastral services and encourage the customers to formalise their property rights
  • Objective 6:
    • Training of personnel for the ILMIS processes and system use

The deliverables are:

  • General reports: project inception report (PIR); project implementation methodology (PIM); project implementation plan (PIP); PIAC plan; quality assurance and control plan, user acceptance test plan; Monthly/Yearly progress reports…
  • Technical reports: methodologies, specifications, activity reports, quality reports, guidelines for each component
  • Final system architecture including software, hardware, runtime – and development views – The hardware and software installation certificates – final system acceptance certificate
  • LIS solution system documentation and user documentation for the LIS solution; training materials for the training program


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The ILMIS web site:

Learn more about : Project sheet – Project profile integrated land management information system – Tanzania


2016 / 2018

World Bank

Supervision, Cadastre, Land registration, Real property, Registration system, Land information system, Training, Capacity building

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