Supervision and implementation of an urban land information system, ETHIOPIA

The Ethiopian ministry of urban development, and housing (MUDHo) has launched the implementation of urban land information system project. One of the objectives of the ministry is to curb the problems of mismanagement and increase the real pension in urban areas through the establishment of the cadastre and real property registration system.

In September 2014, the international Consortium led by IGN FI was awarded a 2 year contract for supervising the implementation of the cadastral and real property information system.

As the national cadastre and real property registration system is not yet developed, an extension of the contract was signed in March 2017, for an additional duration of 16 months.

IGN France and an Ethiopian company GeoMark Plc are involved in the consortium.

Main objectives and deliverables

The main objective of the project is to assist and support the MUDHo in successfully accomplishing the design, development and deployment of the cadastral and real property information system through this supervision project.

The main activities are the following:

  • Project inception report
  • Requirements analysis document with expression of needs
  • Specifications – design of future system
  • Finalized terms of reference for the development and implementation
  • Assistance for the contracting of the developer and implementer
  • Tests plan
  • System validation
  • Acceptance and commitment procedures
  • Training – Capacity building

The system will be implemented in 6 pilot regions (Addis Ababa, Harar, Oromia, SNNP, Amhara and Tigray). Having in mind the cadaster management and the land records with relevant advances technologies (open source software / LADM / Agile Development…), the Ministry will make sure the system is performing, reliable, secure and easy to use.

Key Figures

  • 6 cities for pilot deployment
  • 17 cities for further deployment after pilots
  • Population covered by pilots 1.6 million (2015 estimated) close to 10% of urban population

2014 / 2018

Supervision, Cadastre, Land registration, Registration system, Land information system, Training, Capacity building, LADM